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In the heart of Bolgheri in the narrow and ancient Strada Giulia at number 9, stands the boutique “Leopolda Bolgheri” a refuge of elegance and warmth where customers are welcomed and pampered.

The white of the walls, the wood of the floor, the dim lighting and the refined decor create a cosy atmosphere, inviting visitors to explore carefully displayed garments.
Every item of clothing, every accessory is carefully selected to reflect Bolgheri’s timeless style.heri.

There is a unique and special detail that sets them apart: The Three Cypresses embroidered with skill on each garment.

The cypresses, an indissoluble symbol of Viale San Guido, stand proudly on the fabrics, recalling the deep and jealously guarded link between Bolgheri and its poetic and magical history.
The unique atmosphere of the tree-lined avenue, where the long shadows of the cypresses mix with the golden light of the sunset, a tribute to the timeless beauty of those places.
The clothes and accessories adorned with these cypresses are not just fashion items, but works of art that carry the wearer on a journey of emotions and suggestions.




Tuscan tradition


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